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Leave Your Mark on the Internet


Every business needs a website. Does yours stand out?

Do you have a website? Is your website working for you? Your website is your online billboard, It needs to capture your audience’s attention in the moments you have before they move on. It needs to highlight your brand and your story. Vision Graphix can give your website the pzazz it needs to tell your story well.

Vision Graphix will get your website up and running

  • Help you purchase a domain if you don’t have one
  • Help you get started with a webhost if you don’t have one
  • Install and configure WordPress, the leading website development tool on the internet
  • Build your website for you
  • Make your website responsive, that is, it will work on mobile devices
  • Teach you how to maintain your WordPress website
  • As an additional service we can maintain your website for you

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