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Have you ever found yourself trying to tell someone everything you do and discovered you simply didn’t get the point across? You find out, later, that you needed to give them more information. But it’s information you didn’t know they needed at the time.

In working with a client yesterday I found out she’s got this wonderful packet of information she’s written. I felt like I’d discovered gold! She had just been telling me about folks she’d talked to that didn’t know she did some things that are pretty basic to her business and here was the answer!

Frankly, I’ve had much the same problem, where I’ve told people what I thought was the important bits only to discover, later, that they didn’t hear what I thought I said. 

The answer, of course, is to provide more information in an easy to digest format. Ta-da… a brochure! It’s a great way to not only give your audience that added information, but also to increase your credibility and visibility.

In my client’s case, the gold will turn into a minimum of 3 printed pieces, and quite possibly more. There will most likely be a general brochure with simple outlining of the services she offers, grouped in a way that her audience will be able to “get”. From there we will do more specific pieces on specific services that will answer many of the most common questions folks will have. 

I am certain that having these printed pieces will make a huge difference in how people perceive her business and all the different services she provides. Her referrals will go up immediately, simply because she really does solve some very serious, urgent problems and folks will finally understand that. 

Have you ever had folks admit that they didn’t know you did a thing after you were sure you told them about it? Maybe you need my help too.