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Why would I call myself a Graphic Snob?

Because bad graphics bother me a LOT!

I think it really all started with the release of DVDs. We were early adopters of the technology when it came out and it didn’t take long for me to not only appreciate the video quality, but learn to really dislike VHS quality. To the point where I abandoned my VHS collection completely. Including movies I knew I would never be able to replace on disc.

Since then we now have Blu-ray. And yes, the Snob only buys the higher resolution Blu-ray’s anymore. And yes, I dislike anything streaming because of image quality.

Ok, “so what?” you ask. Who cares? Frankly… Everyone in business should care. Big companies have in-house graphics people that take care of that. But even Mom & Pops and other small business people need to care.

When you are dealing with your own image you should always care about quality. You want the world to see you as the authority in your field. And that’s not going to happen if the images you show to the world don’t measure up.

I grade everything I see. Some is mediocre. Some is downright horrible. But every now and then something stellar shows up.

A recent event… I attended a play and the banners outside the theater had low resolution images. These were signs that people stood right next to. Why did the sign company that produced them not encourage the theater company to get better images? Why is the theater company using a sign company that doesn’t care?

You see, I get that the average person doesn’t understand the image quality issue. They’re used to crappy quality all around them every single day. It’s ok in that context. But it’s not ok for professionals to not care how their image is displayed to the world. They NEED to care so they are perceived to be the experts that they are.

While this Graphic Snob sometimes drives her clients nuts asking for better images, they always benefit. Better images mean better impact. People don’t know why they feel better about high-quality materials but they really do. Yes, that does mean that much of it is subliminal. So make a difference. Care about your graphics. Get better impact.

I’m a Graphic Snob. I fight for best quality in everything I do. And yes, I will fight YOU so that you look better in print.