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fonts too small to read

Make sure all the fonts on your card are readable

This morning my thoughts are on bad business card design, specifically font sizes. I would love to show you some really horrible examples, but I don’t believe in shaming. My goal is to help you without hurting anyone else. 

Incorrect font size is one of the most common mistakes I see in printed business cards. I’m sure you’ve seen this as well, someone hands you their card and you honestly can’t read it. 

How did this design flaw happen? Most likely they used a design tool on their computer or tablet that allowed them to be zoomed in. When you have a 20 inch screen the design is displayed at many times the actual size, so you feel confident about what you’re putting on the card. Almost everyone, including many designers, forget to look at the image at actual size to see how it will look when printed. 

Remember that your business card is frequently your business’ first visual impression. If it’s not making the statement you want it’s time for a change. 

One last thought… NEVER use cards with wrong information. If you’ve just moved and the new cards haven’t come in yet, you will have to use the old ones. Carry a pen that writes well on your card. When you hand someone your card tell them that you just moved and invite them to write the new address on your card. When they say they don’t have a pen then pull out yours. This will have a much better impact than the unprofessional look of stuff crossed out. It will also cement the conversation in their mind because of the act of writing.

When you DO need new cards because of a change, be sure to get them ordered in plenty of time so you aren’t in the dilemma of needing to cross stuff out. And don’t try to use up the old cards when the new ones come in. You made the change for a reason. Don’t cheat yourself by messing up that first impression. 

Be bold! Be you! You’re amazing, so let the world know in all the little ways. Your business card is a great way of bragging silently.