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Did you know that literally everyone judges everything? Even when you don’t think you are. That’s something to keep in mind when you set out to create a brochure for your company. 

If you use one of the templates from Publisher and then print it off of your home printer I can tell. So can everyone else. There is a distinct style to those templates that causes the finished product to look like you are running your company from your living room. 

The biggest issue is that white margin your printer needs to leave on all your prints. That and incorrect layout for folding. If you’re going to fold the piece be sure to give all of the panels the same margins. And then be careful when you fold it. 

Back to that judgement… when you pick up a brochure the very first thing you will notice is the texture and then the weight of the paper. If the piece is printed on copy paper you will definitely not think well of the company that put it out. And that’s before you see anything more than the cover. 

Everyone that’s creating a brochure for their company has a purpose for that brochure. Usually to increase credibility as well as helping their audience make an informed decision. So don’t muddy that with bad design, inferior paper, or shoddy production. The audience can always tell. While they might not think about it consciously, they do get a lasting impression that will influence their decisions. 

Help your audience make good choices by giving them a high quality brochure that shows them that you have the solution to their urgent problem. They will appreciate the help. 


Brochures – home & professional versions – same content