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Notes from a Graphic Snob

Kimmer Sue, Graphic Snob

Why would I call myself a Graphic Snob? Because bad graphics bother me a LOT! I think it really all started with the release of DVDs. We were early adopters of the technology when it came out and it didn’t take long for me to not only appreciate the video quality, but...

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Brochure Value

Did you know that literally everyone judges everything? Even when you don’t think you are. That’s something to keep in mind when you set out to create a brochure for your company.  If you use one of the templates from Publisher and then print it off of your home...

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More information!

Have you ever found yourself trying to tell someone everything you do and discovered you simply didn't get the point across? You find out, later, that you needed to give them more information. But it's information you didn't know they needed at the time. In working...

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Text Drop Shadows

I have a friend that has been very vocal about hating text drop shadows. This totally confuses me since I use a lot of them. (Probably a little too much, to be honest.) And then I received a business card that truly screamed at me about drop shadows. Yikes! There is...

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Business Card Fonts

This morning my thoughts are on bad business card design, specifically font sizes. I would love to show you some really horrible examples, but I don’t believe in shaming. My goal is to help you without hurting anyone else.  Incorrect font size is one of the most...

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Causing Trouble Again

The other day I had the opportunity to chat with one of my customers a couple times. The first time I learned that she had someone else help her with her rebranding (boo!), but the cost of printing business cards with them was outrageous so I was getting the print...

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